Wilton Parrot Rescue - Volunteer

Why Volunteer with WPR?
  • Hands-on experience and learning 
    with various types of parrots
  • Enhance your resume
    for future animal-related career options
  • Provide a second chance to parrots
    who are often misunderstood
  • Some activities are tax-deductible

  • Network and meet a great group of people
  • That feel-good-feeling...
    We give TONS of that away!!
  • Download the Adoption Application and Waiver
    Email wiltonparrot@yahoo.com to request an adoption application.

  • A representative from Wilton Parrot Rescue will contact you to answer all your questions and will discuss setting up your first visit to WPR - which will be your Orientation and Training.
  • You will be sent a confirmation email with additional information for you to review. The information pertains to our parrots' and your safety.
You have two options for submitting your application:
  • Download the 3 documents below, complete and send the application and waiver to wiltonparrot@yahoo.com to begin your volunteer application process;
  • Read the WPR Rules and Procedures, then complete the volunteer application form below - your application will be automatically emailed to us. We will contact you once we have reviewed your application. If you do not hear from us in 2 weeks, please email us: wiltonparrot@yahoo.com
Please note:
WPR is a completely volunteer-run organization. It may take up to two weeks to receive a reply. If you do not receive a reply within that time frame, please re-submit your application to WPR.
Volunteers under 16 years old MUST be accompanied by a legal guardian of at least 21 years old. The guardian will be required to volunteer with and supervise the minor volunteer for the duration of the volunteer’s shift - until this supervision is deemed unnecessary by the founder of WPR.
WPR Volunteer Application
Initial visits, training and interactions with the birds of WPR will be supervised by the founder of WPR or a designated and experienced volunteer until supervision is deemed unnecessary. This is to ensure both our volunteer’s and birds’ safety and well-being.
Volunteers under 16 years old MUST be accompanied by a legal guardian of at least 21 years old. The guardian will be required to stay in the presence of the minor volunteer for the duration of the volunteer’s shift - until deemed unnecessary by the founder of WPR. WPR has various roles for volunteers based on age and experience: Volunteer Coordinator: An experienced WPR volunteer who replies to all volunteer related emails, reviews all volunteer applications, conducts volunteer orientations and trainings, schedules volunteer shifts and duties, and related tasks. Head Volunteer: Supervise other volunteers ensuring the smooth operation and adherence to WPR Rules and Policies. Related record keeping. During shifts with multiple volunteers, the most experienced volunteer will be appointed as head volunteer. 21 years and older: (After an initial trial period and approved by the Volunteer Coordinator): A volunteer responsible for cleaning inside papers and grates, feeding, watering and socializing with any birds which the volunteer has proven to be completely comfortable with – and approved by Volunteer Coodinator. 16 to 20 years old: A volunteer responsible for cleaning lower papers, feeding and watering (without having to open cages), and socializing with approved (by Volunteer Coodinator) small to medium sized birds. 13 to 15 years old: A volunteer responsible for making toys, preparing and distributing flyers, helping an adult volunteer with routine tasks, helping with fundraising efforts and events.
Volunteers are requested to commit to a regular schedule of a minimum of 3 hour shifts per week. This ensures the smooth functioning of WPR and familiarity with the different needs of each bird. Variable schedules will be considered based on the current needs of WPR.
I am able to commit to a regular 3 hours shift
Multiple visits to WPR (at least 3 shifts) and at least one visit to your home (with all members present) may be required for a volunteer to be considered as foster family for a WPR bird.
Should a volunteer or foster family wish to adopt a WPR bird, an adoption application and screening process must be completed.
Full Name
Date of Birth
Home Phone Number
Cell Phone Number
Best time(s) to call
Full Address (street, city, state, zip)
Email Address
Are you employed?
Do you Drive?
Have you ever owned a bird(s)?
If yes, what type of bird(s)?
If yes, how long?
If yes, do you still have the bird(s)?
If you no longer have the bird, why not?
Do you know how to handle a bird?
If yes, what type(s) of bird(s)?
If yes, how have you gained your experience/knowledge?
When would you be able to volunteer with WPR? Volunteers are requested to be able to complete at least one 3 hour shift per week, Mon-Sun between 9am and 9pm:
What type of volunteer work would you like to apply for?
Clean Parrot Cages
Feed and Water the Parrots
Rehabilitation, Enrichment, Socialization, etc.
Transport Parrots
Phone & Administrative Work
Transport Supplies & Donations
Event Staffing
Foster Parrots
If you would like to foster a parrot; what type of home do you live in?
If you would like to foster a parrot, do you own or rent the home you live in?
If you would like to foster a parrot and you rent your home, please provide your landlord’s full name and complete contact information
If you would like to foster a parrot, how long would you be willing to foster a bird?
If you would like to foster a parrot, how many hours a day would you have available to work with a foster parrot?
Please provide two un-related references. However, if the volunteer is younger than 18 years old, one reference may be a relative. Please tell your reference that we will be contacting them.
First Reference's Full Name
First Reference's Email Address or Phone Number
First Reference's Relationship to you?
Second Reference's Full Name
Second Reference's Phone Number or Email Address
Second Reference's Relationship to you
Should it be offered, I hereby accept a volunteer role at WILTON PARROT RESCUE for no monetary compensation. I understand that working in a rescue or with WILTON PARROT RESCUE birds at the Wilton, CT location or in my own home (should I become a foster family), may expose me to certain risks inherent in animal caretaking, including but not limited to bird-borne illnesses, bites, scratches, bruises, broken skin, damage to clothing and other personal and common items, etc. I voluntarily accept those risks. While at WILTON PARROT RESCUE, I agree to conduct myself at all times in a manner which minimizes any risk to myself or to the birds.
I Accept
I will not bring a minor or pet into WILTON PARROT RESCUE without explicit permission from a WILTON PARROT RESCUE representative. If I bring a minor or pet with me to the shelter or into the presence of any of the shelter birds, I do so with the knowledge that exposure of such minor(s) or pet(s) to the potentials dangers that may accompany my service to WILTON PARROT RESCUE will be at my own risk and that of the minor(s) or pet(s). I will supervise the minor(s) at all times while at WILTON PARROT RESCUE or elsewhere in the presence of WILTON PARROT RESCUE birds.
I have read and understand this statement
If I am pregnant, or suffer any physical problems that may be affected in any way by my duties or otherwise associated with my volunteer role, that may be detrimental to my health or the health of my fetus, I will voluntarily and temporarily resign or take a leave until I am once again able to perform the tasks required of a volunteer. I will notify the founder should I have a condition or am taking medications which places myself, the birds and/or other volunteers of WILTON PARROT RESCUE at risk.
I have read and understand this statement
I understand that the WILTON PARROT RESCUE founder, volunteer coordinator daily headhas full operational control of shelter volunteers and has the authority to take whatever action is necessary to ensure the successful operation of the rescue and the safety of the volunteer and birds. In the event I have a complaint or criticism about any facet of my volunteer position or about WILTON PARROT RESCUE policies or procedures, I agree to deliver such complaint or criticism in confidence, to the WILTON PARROT RESCUE founder.
I have read and understand this statement
In case of an emergency while at Wilton Parrot Rescue or related event, I hereby give permission for a Wilton Parrot Rescue representative to seek professional medical care on my behalf. Additionally, a Wilton Parrot Rescue representative will attempt to contact the emergency contact listed below. I have signed the waiver of claims and release Wilton Parrot Rescue from all legal and financial responsibility which may be incurred.
I have read and understand this statement
Full Name of Emergency Contact
Phone Number of Emergency Contact
Emergency Contact's Relationship to the Volunteer
I understand that completing this application does not guarantee that I will be able to volunteer with WILTON PARROT RESCUE. The approval of an individual as an official volunteer is at the sole discretion of WILTON PARROT RESCUE, which strives to provide the best possible environment and care for its birds. WILTON PARROT RESCUE reserves the right to terminate any volunteer application or volunteer relationship at any time, for any reason, as deemed necessary by WILTON PARROT RESCUE.
I have read and understand this statement
If the Volunteer Applicant is younger than 18 years old, please provide the name and contact details of your parent/legal guardian as proof that your parent/guardian has given consent to you applying to be a WILTON PARROT RESCUE Volunteer and has read and understood this application and waiver.
If the Volunteer Applicant is 16 years old or younger: As the designated guardian who will be accompanying the minor volunteer; do you plan to participate in the related volunteer activities while at WPR (with the minor), or act exclusively in a supervisory role? (Please explain)
Full Name of Volunteer Applicant (as proof that you have read and understand the responsibilities and inherent risks of being a WILTON PARROT RESCUE Volunteer).
Today's Date
Wilton Parrot Rescue - Waiver of Claims
Acknowledging that interacting with animals can be inherently dangerous and may cause situations where an incident could occur causing injury, harm, damage, and even death, the undersigned hereby acknowledges for and on behalf of the undersigned’s benefit and all of the undersigned’s successors and assigns, agents, representatives, attorneys, financial consultants, predecessors, spouses, heirs, principals, estates, beneficiaries, executors, administrators and all those acting by and through them (hereafter referred to as “Releasee”), does hereby release and forever discharge Wilton Parrot Rescue (hereinafter referred “Releasor”), a Connecticut organization and all of its officers, directors, estates, beneficiaries, agents, spouses, heirs, principals, representatives, administrators, executors, attorneys, financial consultants, predecessors, successors, and assigns all of those acting for and on behalf of the Releasor, from any and all causes of action or claims, of whatever kind or nature, by reason of any matter, including by way of example only and not as a limitation any and all claims of whatever kind or nature, actual or imagined, asserted or which may be asserted by Releasee against Releasor arising out of being at the premises of the Releasor, representing Releasor at any offsite function on behalf of the Releasor and in furtherance of Releasee working at, with or in connection with Releasor, for whatever cause, manner or purpose including but not limited to the care, handling, feeding, bathing, or caring for the rescue’s animals, or while conducting the various activities related to volunteerism with or adoption from the Releasor.
The Releasee chooses to interact with a WPR animal at their own risk and completely at their own free-will. Even if the Releasee feels completely comfortable with an animal, the Releasee acknowledges that the risk of injury, etc still exists and therefore forever discharges the Releasor from any and all causes of action or claims.
The Releasee hereby acknowledges that he/she is at least 18 years of age. In the event the Releasee is under the age of 18, the signature of the parent or guardian of the Releasee shall be set forth below and such signature shall bind the Releasee and said parent or guardian to this Waiver of Claims. The Releasee hereby acknowledges that the signature of their parent or guardian is the true and actual signature therof and the Releasee understands the terms of this Waiver and signs it of his/her free will and that Releasee intends to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this Waiver of Claims. The Releasee hereby fully read and understands this Waiver of Claims, agrees to be bound by the conditions and terms set forth herein, and agrees that in the event there is a violation of any of the foregoing, Releasor may take whatever action it deems necessary to enforce this Waiver, and Releasee agrees to pay for any and all costs, of whatever kind or nature, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, incurred by Releasor in connection with the enforcement of this Waiver of Claims or any of the terms contained therein. This Waiver of Claims contains the entire agreement between the parties herein and the terms of this Waiver of Claims are contractual and not a mere recital.
Releasee’s Full Name (to serve as a signature)
Waiver Read, Understood and Agreed To on
If the Volunteer Applicant is younger than 18 years old, Full Name of Parent or Guardian (to serve as a signature)
Some of our WPR Volunteers
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